At K&M we believe by starting with your electrical needs by  assessing what you want in your tiny house including everything from lighting fixtures to USB outlets. It is all important because it all effects how you wire your home.

At K&M electrical believe one of the most important and often forgotten parts of wiring is choosing lighting for the house.

It truly does set the foundation for how the entire house is wired. There are overhead lights, recessed lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, and more, and they all require wiring in different areas (ceilings, walls, outlets, etc). What does this mean though?

Why would lighting – something usually reserved for just ambiance – affect the actual wiring of a tiny house? Consider the following:

Do you want to include 2-way switches into your schematic?

If you have a sleeping loft you’ll probably want to turn a light on and off from both downstairs and in the loft. This requires specific wiring that will need to be notated on the schematic.Do you want your house to be primarily illuminated by recessed lighting or hanging surface light fittings?

If so, you we can accommodate this in your ceiling than if you were to just have one overhead light. Do you want a porch light? If so, we’d to run cabling to the outside of your home, just as you would if you wanted to have a plug on the exterior of your home. These are all decisions that are made based on just the lights. This doesn’t at all consider dedicated circuits for high power load appliances like washers and/or dryers, outlets around water sources, etc.

At this point in the wiring process, it is necessary to determine your power incoming supply wether the supply to your house onsite is adequate to power your tiny house. This option is one determined largely by how many high-load appliances you will have in your.

Solar installation for tiny house:

We do provide a off grid solar option for houses for those sites that can’t get power to site and also want their tiny house to be self sufficient.All our materials are nz made and are supplied with SDOC as required.

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