At K&M Electrical we use thermal imaging cameras to give us the ability to see what the naked eye cannot – HEAT. This ability enables you to get a heads up on electrical issues before they can become a problem. This AVOIDS costly repairs, which often happen at an inconvenient time. Because of this advantage, thermal imaging is becoming more and more popular as a preventative maintenance tool.

Thermal image of switch board showing heat

Thermal imaging is used in the industry to check electrical equipment like the following:

  • Distribution Boards
  • Machine Electrical Panels
  • Cables
  • Electric Motors
  • Switches
  • Appliances

Thermal Imaging picks up problems like:

  • Loose connections
  • Overloading
  • Faulty Components
  • Worn Bearing

K&M Electrical provides a thermal imaging service where on completion you will receive a report detailing findings with our recommendations.

Thermal image of switch board
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