At K&M Electrical we provide test and tag servicing of appliances. This is required is in all commercial and industrial buildings. The appliances that require safety testing are anything that plugs into a normal power point including computers, extension cord, fridge, dishwasher etc.

NZ legislation specifies the procedures and criteria for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment which is designed for connection by flexible cord. It also applies to cord extension sets, portable outlet devices, portable residual current devices and portable isolation

This is the standard that specifies safety inspection testing and tagging protocols for compliance with the Electricity Act 1992, the NZ Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992, the NZ Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 and WorkSafe regulations.

Frequency of Testing

The minimum frequency of testing under the WorkSafe safety standards depends on the environment that the appliance is in and the risk of a fault. Give us a call at K&M Electrical to discuss your test & tag requirements.

Summary of Requirements

Building or construction site and other hostile environments 3 Months
Workshops, factories, place of work and clean equipment 6 Months
Environments where the appliance or cord may be flexed or damaged 12 Months
Bedroom areas of rest homes, hotels, motels and hostels 2 Years
Environments where the appliance or cord will not be flexed or damaged 5 Years
If an appliance is relocated, then the new environment test requirements apply  

Once we have tested the appliance, a tag will be attached to the cord stating the date, retest date, testers details. An example of the tag is illustrated below:

Test and Tag

K&M Electrical comply with all NZ regulations, please call us today to discuss your test & tag requirements for your commercial or industrial building.

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