K&M Electrical helps Bay of Plenty companies to stay safe and in business.

We provide up-to-date CCTV systems with advanced features like image motion detection, pocket alerts and ‘anywhere’ monitoring.

Our supplier list is comprehensive. We’re sure we have the right solution for your security needs and budget.



Visible cameras in the home will make any burglar think twice.

CCTV gives you evidence of who’s been on or near your property, and provides accountability for cleaners and service people.

Closer to home, cameras can be handy to keep an eye on the kids – while you’re trying to get work done.


Video surveillance in your shop or retail store can both deter theft and provide evidence when theft happens. K&M Electrical are familiar with all the ‘hot-spots’ of unsavoury behaviour, from the cash register to the car park.

Groups and Collectives

Business or community associations, shopping centres, parking lots and shared buildings can benefit from CCTV just as much as individual premises. The advantages are the same: crime deterrence, accountability and evidence.

Commercial Sites

There’s more at stake in an office than just theft. CCTV provides monitoring of health and safety, staff productivity, assets, and access. The team at K&M Electrical understand the regulations around the legality of workplace surveillance, and we can provide guidance as such.

Factories / Industrial Sites

We have many manufacturing clients who use CCTV in creative and useful ways. Besides security and health and safety, cameras are increasingly being used on production processes for QA or analysis.

Introducing Ajax Security

Protection At The Tip Of Your Fingers

The Ajax security system is easy to install in your apartment, home or office. By choosing Ajax, you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper-resistant and responds instantly to attacks.

The Ajax App

The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Switch on appliances before you get home. Get instant notifications through SwiftAlerts, a protocol that even modern messengers should envy.Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles.

Fire Detection

Ajax quickly recognizes the first signs of a fire: smoke or sharply increased temperature when the fire is burning without smoke. Additionally, the CO detector sends an alarm before carbon monoxide levels become life-threatening.

Water Detection

Ajax sends an alert at the first sign of moisture and cancels it as soon as the water dries. Detectors are designed to operate in tough conditions to prevent water damage: they are corrosion-resistant and protected from dust and moisture ingress.*Monitor the performance of detectors and other devices in real time

Intergration & Notifications

Integrates with most IP cameras

Get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS or phone calls

Alarm is Available in black or white.

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