K&M Electrical’s electricians are experienced, fully qualified and fully insured. You’re in safe hands. Health and safety are our primary concerns, especially where there are wet-area hazards associated with pools and spas. The electrical components of your pool, including the pump, heating and lighting systems, all need to be regularly checked for safety and operational efficiency.

When it comes to pools, K&M Electrical partner with our trusted pool contractor, Amotto Consultancy Limited. Through Amotto we can supply and install a wide range of pump brands and sizes. We work closely with these pool experts on any new pool installation or existing pool refurbishment. Upgrading to LED pool lighting is our specialty.

We’re Experts

Everyone gets excited about the idea of a new pool. No matter the size or cost, they represent luxury. Pools can be complex systems, however.

New pool installs commonly involve new electrical wiring, IP-RATED switches, safety devices and underground conduit.

At K&M Electrical we have the experience and expertise to take care of all the electrical considerations of a new install – safely. We’re ready to dive in, and we’ll get you poolside just as soon as we can.


We’re Dedicated

Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and safety. At K&M Electrical, our goal is to make any wiring process as painless as possible, so you can get to the good part: relaxing in your pool or spa.

When you hire our team for any electrical project, you can rest assured that our service will be outstanding. Our electricians will show up on time and get the job done right.

K&M Electrical is family owned and operated. We’re dedicated to giving you the peace of mind that your home is safe.

Pool Lighting

K&M Electrical offer full service for all of your swimming pool electrical needs. We install and repair all kinds of pool lighting, pumps, automation equipment, timers, switches, safety equipment and wiring.

Swimming after dark used to be a gloomy experience, and at times dangerous. Now, with our range of attractive lighting options, your pool can be the most beautiful night-time feature on your property.

A glowing pool and uplighting on a few trees and you’ve got yourself a fantastic background for entertainment. The safety aspect of a well lit pool alone is worth considering.

Talk to K&M Electrical for our full range of pool lighting options.


Halogen lights remain common for pools, but they are losing ground to the much more efficient LEDs. They are essentially the older generation of lights. Halogen lights are cheaper per unit but last a fraction of the time of LEDs. They are easier to replace than LEDs, but you’ll inevitably be replacing halogen lights more often. Halogens are also power-thirsty.

Be sure to use your halogen lights regularly as lack of use can cause them to fail.

Flush Mounted Lighting

Having lights in-set into the wall, like they’re shining through a window in the wall, is called flush mounting. This creates a smooth surface that you can’t easily catch yourself on.

Flush mounted lighting is a great option for anywhere in the pool, and is perfect for stairs or trafficked areas.

Surface Mounted Lighting

Having lights attached on to the side of the pool, sticking out a little, is called surface mounting. The advantages of this system include a greater lighting angle and more light output, as well as being able to be easily installed on existing pools – including both concrete and thin-walled pools.


Talk to K&M Electrical today to discuss our various pool lighting options.

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