K&M Electrical are highly experienced in switchboard upgrades and new switchboard installations for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Switchboards are also known as fuse boxes. All your building’s power goes through them. Many switchboards in older properties are obsolete or overloaded and often the wiring system is deteriorated so much it requires replacement. Any switchboard that does not have electrical safety switches (residual current devices or ‘RCDs’) is a serious safety concern. A new switchboard will eliminate safety and overloading concerns, and will provide a safe and reliable power supply to your building.

If you would like to discuss the cost of upgrading your switchboard, give us a call. Once of our certified electricians can discuss the various options before providing you with a free formal quote.

Before and After Showing Our Work

Switch board before and after

Main Switchboard Upgrade Benefits


Older switchboards do not have electrical safety switches (RCDs) which can automatically cut the power when they detect a dangerous situation. RCDs also allow you to safely cut the mains power to a circuit. RCDs can prevent or minimise damage to property (fire) and harm to people (electric shocks). Rewiring is another measure that can also eliminate faults and overheating, thereby substantially minimising the risk of fire.


Kiwis’ energy use has increased hugely over the years. We have many more electrical appliances in our homes, including computers, phone chargers, dishwashers, HVAC and heat pumps. Many older switchboards were not designed to be able to cope with the electrical demands of today. An upgrade to a new switchboard is a sensible idea.

Switchboard Design & Capacity

K&M Electrical have a range of switchboard designs and loading capacities to meet your requirements. One of our registered electricians will happily discuss your requirements to select the most appropriate switchboard.

Commercial switchboard
Commercial switchboard showing switches

A switchboard is the heart of a building’s electrical system. All the electricity used in your building passes through the switchboard. It’s easy to see why it’s important to have a safe switchboard.

K&M Electrical are registered electricians who are specialists in switchboard upgrades, installation and repairs. We will complete your job on time, and on budget. On completion of an installation, certification will be provided in accordance with ASNZ3000 and the current regulations.

We also provide a 24/7 call out service.

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