Did you know that electrical equipment failures account for millions of dollars in damage and lost business every year. As electrical infrastructure ages in buildings, this problem is only going to increase. However, at K&M Electrical we can provide a solution so you don’t loose money or productivity by carrying out a preventive maintenance plan.  Not only does this reduce your risk of electrical system failures by two thirds, it also provides you peace of mind.

A routine preventive maintenance programme is a solution that K&M Electrical can initially put in place and carry out.  We will make a full assessment on site and then provide you a programme (EPM) that meets the needs of your electrical equipment.  The failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part of a scheduled preventive maintenance programme as compared with those that are. In addition, a planned EPM programme allows the equipment owner to schedule the system outage at a time of their choosing rather than having to correct major problems resulting from an always untimely failure.

The purpose of this standard is to provide the insured with recommended practices and frequencies that would form the core of a regularly scheduled electrical preventive maintenance program. All work associated with electric power systems and equipment should be performed in accordance with accepted industry safety standards and work practices.  We can talk to you about these practices as all our electricians are educated with the latest industry standards and work practices.

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K&M Electrical is based in Tauranga and owned by Matt Lombard, a registered electrician with over ten years experience in the industry. Give Matt a call on 0800 020 097 to discuss your job now.

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