As an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner, one of the best advantages is being able to avoid the gas station and charge your car at home. Off peak residential electricity rates mean you can ‘fuel’ your car for a fraction of the cost of petrol. New Zealand’s largely renewable electricity network makes EVs here much more eco-friendly than in other countries.

With the right setup in your home, charging your EV is as easy as charging your cellphone.

Charging at Home

Overnight EV charging is the most economical and convenient method. The key to overnight charging is that you’re using electricity when other people aren’t, and that can mean a discounted rate. Some electricity companies offer great deals on EV packages due to the extra power you use for your car.

The standard, portable 3-pin charger that comes with your car is useful, but slow to charge. The alternative is a wall-mounted unit, which can be much more powerful.

When you purchase an EV or EV charger, always protect yourself by asking the seller for a Supplier Declaration of Conformity. This document shows that current electrical safety standards and testing are satisfied.

Wall Mounted Charging Unit

If you’re going to charge at home, a dedicated wall-mounted unit is the way to go. They often have extra features, they generally charge faster, and they can’t be misplaced like a portable unit. Because they’re more powerful, however, a registered electrician will need to install it.

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EV Charging Safety

  • All chargers that use mains electricity must meet New Zealand’s Electrical Safety Regulations and Standards.
  • Never use extension cables or adaptors with EVs – stick to legitimate, purpose-built accessories.
EV Charging Station
Black EV Charging Station Wall Mounted
Basic EV Charging Station

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