Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

As an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner, one of the best advantage is being able to avoid the gas station and charge your car at home.

When it comes time to charge your Tesla, hybrid or other electric car, there are a few options. But one stands out as being much more convenient, cheaper, safer and better for your car in the long run. Dedicated charging stations offer many benefits over public and portable chargers.

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Recharging your car at home or work means there is no waiting around for hours at a shopping centre or other public charging station while your electric vehicle charges.


Some New Zealand electricity companies offer great EV packages and discounted off-peak rates. The key is charging your car when power is at its cheapest.


Dedicated charging units safely support the electric load needed to charge your vehicle. The 3-pin backup charger that comes with your car can be useful sometimes, but it runs close to a residential socket’s capacity which can put a strain on your circuit and potentially become a fire risk.

Better for the battery

Charging your car in short bursts with a portable or public charger can reduce the life of your car’s battery. Investing in a dedicated wall-mounted charging system means you can fully charge your car every time.


You can control your unit from your Apple or Android smartphone with an app. It even allows you to set up dynamic charging, which adapts charging power based on other household loads.

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Charging at Home

If you are going to charge your car at home, a wall charger is the way to go. Wall-mounted charging stations can be installed in your garage so you can simply park up and plug in. There is also the option to install a weather-proof car charger outside.

Commercial EV Chargers

A growing number of businesses are installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations, including companies with EV fleets and accommodation providers, such as hotels. Some businesses are also encouraging employees to reduce their carbon emission by installing units at workplaces.

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Our Process

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Site Assessment

Our Master electricians will check your switchboard, cables and the capacity of your electrical supply. The team will also work with you to choose the best location for an EV charger.

Free Quote

We will let you know our recommendations and send you a quote for the most suitable EV charging station options, as well as the cost of installation.


Our qualified electricians can install residential and commercial EV chargers within Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke and Katikati.


K&M Electrical can provide support and maintenance for the life of your charging station. We are just a phone call away if you need help.

EV Charging Safety

  • All chargers that use mains electricity must meet New Zealand’s Electrical Safety Regulations and Standards.
  • EV charging stations must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • Never use extension cables or adaptors with EVs – stick to legitimate, purpose-built accessories.
  • When you purchase an EV or EV charger, always protect yourself by asking the seller for a Supplier Declaration of Conformity. This document shows that current electrical safety standards and testing are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

EV chargers are best installed where the car is most often parked. We usually install indoor EV chargers in garages. Outdoor charging stations are best installed by carparks. We install these on a concrete pad with an IP-rated unit that is safe in all weather.

It normally takes 3-4 hours depending on the make of the building and how far away the switchboard is from the unit. It could take longer if we need to reroute cables due to structural limitations or owner’s requirements.

It is helpful if we know when the building was built and if the house has an old or new switchboard. Building plans do help immensely by showing us if there are any gaps in walls for access to and from the switchboard to the EV so the cabling can be hidden as much as possible.

During the initial site assessment, we check the size of the cabling and condition of the switchboard. We are able to check how much power you will likely use once an EV unit is added. This helps us to advise you on the right unit and how this would integrate with your existing electrical installation.

Yes, you can download an app to pair the EV charger with your phone, giving you remote functionality.

We are able to install a meter on the switchboard powering the EV charger to track how much power it is using. We recommend this is attached to a surge protection device. The charging power of our units ranges from 4.6kW to 22kW.

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Master Electricians Certification
Master Electricians Certification

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