At K&M electrical we pride ourselves on providing a full end-to-end service – the perfect heat pump solution for your home, expert installation and ongoing access to comprehensive understanding of your heat pump installation.

Point of difference

Installation of a dedicated power circuit by our team of registered electricians,installation of a separate power supply circuit for your heat pump and not tapping into your general power point circuits thus not loading up your circuits to the point of overloading once your heat pump is operating.

We have an expert asbestos removal inspection service that will carryout safe drilling of holes in possible asbestos material and safe disposal once work is complying needed.


K&M electrical understand every household or commercial office area is different. Our experts come to you to inspect your home or site and discuss your requirements in detail, ensuring we provide the most effective,cost efficient,energy efficient solution to meet your needs and budget.


There’s a lot to consider when choosing a heat pump, but we aim to simplify the process by Working with your requirements, budget and house type, we’ll give you a straightforward, expert advice on your installation.

Whether you want a single room unit, a separate wall mounted unit in every room or a fully ducted system, we’ll walk you through your options to help you select the best solution for your home .


K&M electrical will arrange for our our team to expertly install your heat pump system at a time that suits you. Once installation and testing of your system is complete and we have checked operation of heat pump system we’ll ensure you’re confident in operating all your heat pump’s features before we leave.

Considering your budget, K&M electrical will provide you with a detailed quote for your system – with both heat pump installation and also electrical power supply installation included. Once you’re happy to proceed and accept our quote we’ll take care of the rest.

Matt - Owner of KM Electrical

K&M Electrical is an Tauranga based company owned by Matt Lombard, a registered electrician with over ten years experience in the industry. Give Matt a call on 0800 020 097 to discuss your job now.

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Dallas Smith

“Awesome job Matt did with our garden lights on patio. Absolutely a quality tradesman !”

Jake Bernard

“Matt redid the wiring to our roller door so it wasn’t making a humming noise at the control box and Jamming half way while closing”

Sally Wood

“Matt fixed our exhaust fan and pre-wired our house and did an awesome job plus he cleaned up.”