Everyday Moisture in the Home

Each day, the average kiwi family can put 8 litres of water into the air in their home. That’s almost 3000 litres a year! Without proper ventilation, that moisture can lead to toxic mould, condensation, and health problems.

Damp air tends to settle in still areas as it’s heavier than dry air. Mould in your wardrobe or under your bed is a tell-tale sign of chronically damp air, and it’s something you should address.

Damp Air is Associated with Asthma

Research has linked damp air to the development of asthma and the worsening of asthma symptoms. You can reduce this risk with proper ventilation.

Indoor Air Isn’t Great

Air in the home can be 50 times more polluted than fresh air from outside the home. Without good ventilation you could be breathing that air for 60% of your life – and the whole time you sleep.

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Smart Vent Diagram
Smart Vent Wall Interface

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