What is IQP?

An Independent Qualified Person (IQP)that  is qualified to carryout checks and inspections ,tests which are required by commercial building owners or managers to comply to a buildings compliance schedule.

What does an IQP qualified person do?

IQP qualified person carries out, or supervises inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures on a specified system. IQPs must be registered with the appropriate local authority to carry out such work. This is the the most common and general ‘specified essential  system’ of an electrical nature is the Emergency Lighting System.

K&M Electrical/ Qualified Electricians

K&M Electrical have IQP registered and qualified electricians that are able to help you to comply with your building warrant of fitness compliance schedule which is essential to your building operation.

K&M electrical will advise you of any issuses  and help you design your monthly emergency lighting checks.

Electrical IQP Inspection

The Electrical IQP Inspection for emergency lighting systems covers testing or simulating the operation of emergency lighting during a power outage. This process ensures your building or premise is safe and compliant. The Building Compliance Schedule will state the specific frequency of regular emergency lighting checks. Generally , regular non – IQP checks are required on a monthly basis to keep emergency lighting at a effective operating standard and an efficient cost effective level through an emergency lighting log book ,IQP checks are required annually.

IQP Maintenance

Our rigorous inspection process , tests and checks determine if any fittings are non-compliant. These fittings will need to be replaced immediately. In some instances K&M Electrical can carryout onsite repairs of corrective maintenance issues. These repairs or corrective maintenance actions are carried out only upon instructions by customer .

Parts and Supply Constraints

Given either time and/or part supply constraints we will arrange a return visit to complete.

IQP Reporting

A significant part of the compliance responsibility for building tenants and/or owners is the recording and reporting requirements. Each monthly test/check results need to recorded in a log book to be kept on-site.

Issues of 12A for Emergency Lighting System

The annual IQP inspection will require a 12A Form to be completed with respect to the Emergency Lighting System. This form, together with the other 12A Forms/Certificates for other building services listed in the compliance schedule, are part of the overall building warrant of fitness (Form 12).
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